Annual review literature.

This year has ver a great one both academically and socially. I have learnt many things and have had fun while doing so. It has been a quite positive year and one I will certainly never forget. While working on literature I have learnt many things which helped me to do my best in the international exams. I have learnt how to analyse poems on my own, as well as to write complete and complex essays. I have discovered how there are millions of ways in which you can analyse or understand a poem as long as you justify them. Reading the analysis of many people from across the world has opened my mind to new ideas. Moreover, my skills at essay writing and understanding of texts has fairly improved during this year, as well as my performance under pressure. During this year I could also prove the point that two minds work better than one, as working with my peers has shown me different perspectives on many things. The most challenging moments of the year were the term tests and specially the IGCSE, as we had to write essays in short periods of time under the pressure of the significance they have. I have learnt a lot from these exams, as learning to manage my time or going straight to the point. I am very proud of my performance in the subject and in the exams, as I have made my greatest effort despite what marks I may get when the results arrive. I am proud because I know I have done my best. During the year I have also tried to do my best in the assignments, and I am very happy with the results. I believe I have met all of my objectives, although I still await the results of the IGCSE. My schoolmates were crucial in this as they helped and explained me when I needed it, in the same way I helped them when they needed it. Our teacher Pato was also essential in all this as she always did her best to teach us content in a fun way, and always granted us with tools to help us understand everything. Her classes were always dynamic and enjoyable. I think I would be able to explain everything I have learnt to someone else as I have understood all the texts we have read after the full analysis we have made of all of them. There are some matters I still have to work with personally such as working in groups and making sure everyone understands what we are working on and participates. Everything I have learnt this year will certainly help me in my life both to write texts and analyse things.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    What a pleasure to read you, always!!
    I love when your analysis surprise me, I enjoy reading people who can be themselves!!
    You have grown up so much that your writings show feelings and emotions in a mature way!!

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