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Creative Writing-Portfolio

           In our literature class our teacher asked us to write a poem based upon an image. However, the activity went beyond this and was more complex than it seems. To begin with, without telling us … Sigue leyendo

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Creative Writing- Poem of a Picture

Picture Poem from TrinidadInesPorretti

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Poem-Description Recoleta Cemetery.

In the language class we have learnt how to write a description of a place and we have been writing several of them. We wrote the last description in pairs, and I worked with Belen Brito Peret. We had to … Sigue leyendo

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Essay Writing, Literature.

In the Literature class, our teacher gave us an asignment in which we had to write an essay about the poem «Love III» by George Herbert. We had to write the essay in pairs, I worked with Abril Teran Frias. … Sigue leyendo

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