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Definition of Art

Vincent Van Gogh:

“Art is man added to nature, nature, reality, truth, but with a meaning, with an interpretation, with a character that the artist brings out and to which he gives expression, which he sets free, which he unravels, releases, elucidates.” 

Bordalo ii

This pictures shows how man uses his knowledge on nature and the resources at his disposal to create something new and inexistent. Art is the effect man purposely has on nature. Man creates things with a meaning. For instance this artist, called Bordalo ii, creates art based on animals. However, his art is figurative and not realistic. He transforms the ideas he has on nature into something new. In his mural of a deer we can see how he uses the basis of how a deer looks, but he doesn’t copy it exactly, he changes the size, uses different materials and different relief. This is how men add themselves into nature, they change it and manipulate it and therefore create art. They also add a meaning to this, which can have different interpretations. I believe that the mural of the deer shows how you can make something beautiful out of regular materials, as he uses cardboard and metal, among other materials to create an alluring artwork.

    The artwork I liked the most was the one of the deer by Bordalo ii. Besides the fact that I love nature and I believe that deers are beautiful as they represent gentleness and light, I like how the artist tries to blend together nature and synthetics. HIs mural is of a deer, which is a part of nature, but the deer is made with man-made materials, such as cardboard, pipes, etc. However man-made materials are made out of natural resources, showing it all comes back to nature. I like how he shows the coexistence of nature and everything artificial created by men. 

    This artwork is a mural, which is not a regular one as Bordalo ii uses a technique in which he builds up texture. He uses trash materials, therefore he is recycling, and the he paints them using graffiti paint. By using objects with a dimension he builds up a texture. For the background of the deer he uses solely graffiti paint. 

    This artwork is figurative as he represents forms that are recognizably derived from real life. When we see the mural we can recognize a deer as he uses the colours characteristic of a deer and he does it in a proportionate way. However, as he uses trash materials and unrealistic “relieves” it is not realistic. Moreover, the size of the deer, which is not painted in its whole, just its head, is unrealistically big. 

    The composition of this artwork is mostly of different trash materials, which can be barely recognized as they are piled up. The material he mostly uses is cardboard, plastic and metal, which he uses for the whole of the deer except for its eyes which are made of another material I cannot recognize although i can see it’s not cardboard. The eyes are proportionate to the head and they are what calls your attention most when you see the mural as they are completely black, as opposite to the body which is brown and beige. The horns of the deer also occupy a big space and are startling due to their size and also to the fact that they are over the background which is of completely different and brighter colours, so the contrast is huge. The deer head on its whole occupies most of the mural, and even a part of the horns gets out of the wall.

    Bordalo ii uses two colour palettes. To begin with, the first one is the one he uses on the figure of the deer which includes light brown and beige, which belong to a warm colour palette which is combined with a dark colour palette due to the black and dark brown he also employs. However, there is an entirely different colour palette for the background which is of bright and saturated colours, as he uses intense and bright shades of blue and green. Therefore, a contrast is created between the deer and the background as the palettes are opposite.

    When you look at the mural, what you look at first are the eyes of the deer as they are of deep black colour, as well as its nose, which is a color that calls your attention. It is very dark in contrast to the rest of the mural and that’s why you gaze goes there first. After the eyes, your gaze moves towards the horns as they have a huge size and they stick out of the bright background. After that, you look at the rest of the head and the small part of the torso painted and you start to distinguish the materials and colours which make the artwork as you can see how the textures and shades form the deer itself. Finally you look at the background.

    It makes me feel a sense of empathy and affection as its deep eyes make it look cute. It makes me feel caring for it as it seems defenceless and innocent as its eyes are completely black and in a way it looks nervous, this which makes me feel protective of it as if something were to happen to it. When you draw things in circles it instantly makes them cute, which in this drawing would be the eyes. This makes the deer look innocent and non-threatening. By simplifying the size of the eye and making it circular you make it cuter and it provokes a feeling of affection in the viewer.  

    I believe that the message of the mural is to show the blend between nature and man-made things, but ultimately showing that everything traces back to nature. The figure shown by the artist is of a deer, which belongs to nature, but it’s made of man-made materials, therefore showing the coexistence of both in this world. However, at the same time the man-made materials are made in its origin with natural resources, showing how everything initially comes from nature. Another message that I believe this artwork transmits is the importance of recycling. By using materials that are mostly trash or no longer used, Bordalo ii is recycling. And by using the trash to create an innocent deer he shows how trash can damage the environment and how the environment is unable to protect itself from pollution, and how it is our role to doprotect it, and recycling is a part of that. 

    One of the songs I believe that matches the message of this artwork is “Mercy, Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye. This song deals with how humans are not taking care of the earth and how pollution is growing. He talks about how skies have disappeared, metaphorically, and how oil is filling the oceans. As I have explained before one of the messages that can be interpreted from this mural is how we are damaging nature with loads of trash, by creating an innocent deer out of trash materials. The song shows how pollution is affecting the environment and the mural transmits the same message. 

“Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east”

“Radiation underground and in the Sky»

«Animals and birds who live nearby are dying”

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