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In our literature class our teacher asked us to divide into groups and choose a poem to analyze and present to the class. We had to make research on the author and the historical context, as well as the literary movement to which it belonged. Then we had to analyze the poem as regards the literary devices, the tone, the theme, the voice, the title and general message. Finally we gathered all this information in a presentation. I worked with Abril Teran Frias and Sofia Mele. The poem we chose was «A Complaint» by William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth was a famous British author and a great figure of romanticism; one of it’s pioneers. «A Complaint» is a poem that deals with love, to be more specific, loss of love.

«A Complaint» by William Wordsworth


This activity was very interesting and wholesome as it helped us to develop in depth our abilities of analysis. It helped us to be able to detect literary devices and connotations in our own. To read  between the lines. Moreover by analyzing the poem in groups we were able to learn from our teammates and see matters from a different perspective. Not only did we learn this, but we also learnt a lot about such a big and prominent literary movement as romanticism from one of it’s most important authors; William Wordsworth. By making research on the author before reading the poem we were able to have better insight and a deeper analysis as we could see how some aspects from his life were reflected in his writing. 

I could relate this poem about grief and loss of love with the everyday of people in general. Loss of love and unrequited feelings are quite common in the daily. Due to various reasons people stop loving their partner while their partner is still in love. The one which remains in love suffers this loss thoroughly, as they used to have someone who loved him/her and then doesn’t. People can go on for long periods of time mourning the loss of this love and this relationship, as your everyday changes from being accompanied by someone to being on your own. Many los hope on the future and see this break up as terminal. They continue to overthink about what went wrong or how it could have gone right. It can be quite hard on people. In few cases it can lead to depression or even suicide(un extreme cases). However, I believe that this can be seen as a new beginning, as starting over and seeing things from a different perspective due to your experience. You learn from these experiences and then look upon life in a different way. What you learn from such experiences helps you for the future, to avoid making the same mistakes. Obviously that after losing love you are completely entitled to be sorrowful but you shouldn’t let it have power over your life. Eventually the sorrow will fade away and you will be able to move on and continue with your life. After some time you start seeing the time you spent with that person merely as a good memory but that your life simply turned into a different path. Just as the quote says, and just as it happens with nature, «There is always a rainbow after every storm». This means that bad times are not permanent, good times always proceed to come if we are patient enough to wait for them.

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