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           In our literature class our teacher asked us to write a poem based upon an image. However, the activity went beyond this and was more complex than it seems. To begin with, without telling us the purpose, our teacher asked us to choose a picture from our camera roll which we liked or felt somehow relevant to us. Then, we had to think about 5 nouns, 5 verbs and 5 adjectives that described or that we could relate to the image. After that, our teacher asked us to get in pairs and share the words each of us had chosen. Once we shared those 15 words we had to write two phrases related to the image, each including a different literary device, using one of the words from before. Finally, when we had finished with all of that our teacher asked us to write the poem including all of the words and the two phrases. When we finished this activity, we had to post the image, words, phrases and poem in our blogs in order to share the process of writing it. 

          This activity was one of my favourites of the year because it gave us complete independence over our choices. By allowing us to choose freely over the image, words and way in which we wrote the poem, we could develop and put into practice our creativity. It was really motivating to be able to write about what I liked as it was interesting in contrast to being forced to write over a certain topic. This made the activity one I enjoyed carrying out, not one I just wanted to get over with. In this poem we could write about things close to us and we could write in a way we felt comfortable around. This gave us a space to be ourselves and write about whatever roamed in our minds while looking at the picture. This freedom was very liberating and motivating as well. There were no limitations. In this activity we were able to reflect upon the image we chose and analyze what it transmitted to us. 

          This activity reminded me of a book I have read called «Slammed» by Colleen Hoover. In this book something similar to what we did in class happens regularly. People write their own poems freely, with no restrictions whatever no matter the language, topics, etc and then share it aloud to other people. In the book, people write poems about whatever they like and they are completely respected and praised for their work. Just as we did in this activity, writing about whatever one wants to and feels comfortable with. Moreover, this isn’t the first time we have written a poem. Last year, in our literature class as well, we had to write a poem about a famous local building. We were free to choose over which building to write about. I choose to write a poem about the recoleta cemetery. For the poem we wrote now, I choose to write about another historical building in Oxford belonging to Oxford University. In both poems, the one I wrote a year ago and the one I wrote now, I talked about the longevity of the buildings and their loneliness. Both have a gloomy tone. After writing this poem, I remembered the one I had written last year and was able to see many similarities between them, as well as differences that also reflected on changes upon myself between last year and this one. By comparing both poems I could compare my perspective from last year to the one of this year. What’s strange about it is how I ended up writing two poems about ancient buildings without realizing so and doing it completely unconsciously.

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