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In our literature class our teacher Pato has introduced us to a new way of both learning and recording our learning process called e-portfolio, which I will develop later on. After wathcing some videos and reading some texts, as well as examples of the subject, our teacher asked us to write a summary about what e-portfolios are and to write a reflection of three e-portfolios we liked most from the students of the previous year. This is a great and innovative way of both academic and personal growth that we will keep up with during thw whole year! Here is the first task she assigned us to do. Unlike the future posts we will be making, in this one our teacher gave us an assignment to get to know the topic. After this we will be making posts each in our own way.

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Task 1: Make connections between the video and the text. Write the summary.

An e-portfolio is a collection of work recorded in an electronic format that showcases learning over time. Not only are they a way of recording your learning and progress, but also they are a way through which you can learn. It allows students to reflect upon their work and assess it, therefore learning from their mistakes and getting to know how and what to improve. Moreover, e-portfolios are a way through which you can relate all of your classes. Things that you have learnt in one subject may then come in handy for another subject. What’s more you can make connections between your work and your daily life. E-portfolios are a space for creativity as you can record your work as you wish, hence developing your imagination and encouraging expression. Independence is a way of motivation, as you can make choices that fit you best. The method of learning that e-portfolios implicate is called constructivism, and it suggests that people can learn by constructing knowledge on their own. The knowledge they acquire is then shared, introducing it into a social context which also helps the students to learn through peer assessment and dialogue. E-portfolios also make visible what no one pays attention to, which is the learning progress; not only do they show the results of learning, but also the process, which should be as equally important as the result. It is through assessment of the learning stages that you can see where it is that you made mistakes or where you can see new aspects of something that you did not notice before. This ultimately leads to improvement and deeper self-analysis, not only academically but also personally.  Through e-portfolios teachers can grade your work not only based on tests, but also on your creativity.

Task 2: Visit some blogs from the students who are in Senior 5 now. Check out their last year portfolios. Choose 3 students and say:

-what you like about their portfolio

-what is missing according to what you have read

  1. http://victorialandolfo.cumbresblogs.com/category/e-portfolio/

What I liked most about her e-portfolio is how dedicated and engaged she was with it. She went beyond academics and related her work to real life. The post which called my attention most and the one I prefer is the one she wrote in an assessment of “Ode of melancholy” which dealt with jealousy, her poem was very touching as it seemed truly felt and personal. In her posts, she really tried to to fully understand the topics by relating them to things that were close to her personally in order to have a deeper understanding of it. I believe that what her e-portfolio is missing is peer assessment, as learning from someone else may show you a point of view you did not consider before.

   2) http://juanaperezmuniz.cumbresblogs.com/category/e-portfolio/

What distinguishes this e-portfolio from others is that she included loads of graphics. I liked that she made a lot of collages and added a lot of pictures that give the e-portfolio a lot of colour, which makes it visually attractive. She also included many videos that are very informative, particularly a trailer which was great. All in all, I liked that her portfolio was very creative and attractive. As well as the previous e-portfolio, I believe it lacked assessment and interaction with other people, as in an e-portfolio you can learn from other as well as by yourself.

3) http://margaritamuller.cumbresblogs.com/category/ingles/literature/eportfolio/

What I liked most about her e-portfolio is that she made it very personal. In one of her posts which dealt with a poem about home she included pictures of all of the houses she lived in and her experience in each of them. This shows how e-portfolios are not only an academic reflexion but also a personal one. I also liked how she tried to engage others by creating a wordsearch puzzle, therefore creating an interaction which is an important part of e-portfolios. She also included many pictures. I believe her e-portfolio was great and complete as she included many different things such as personal reflections, interactions and graphics.


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