Should Examinations be Abolished?- Oral Presentation.

Hello, I am here to discuss the motion of Should Examinations be abolished in schools, to which I stand in favor of.

Evaluations are an unfair evaluation of ability. Many children fail exams due to their lack of memory or speed, as most exams require it, but not all children have it. This failure may have great consequences on their self-esteem. Not being able to memorize information, and therefore not being able to pass exams, may lead children to believe they are useless and unintelligent. Children begin to compare their low test results to those of their schoolmates, which leads them to believe they have a deficiency not everyone has. They feel inferior and less worthy.

Examinations test people’s ability to memorize and work under pressure, but neither of these factors demonstrate intellect. Schools pose examinations as an instrument that tests intelligence, when they actually shouldn’t be conceptualized as that. This concept does not allow students to expand their creativity and be original and intelligent in their own way. There isn’t a standard level of intelligence, as each person stands out in a particular field in a way of their own. If children do not understand this at a young age, they will feel unproductive and worthless during their whole life, which will be a depressed one.

Henceforth, if students do not pass, they believe they aren’t intelligent and not valuable as during their whole life they have been taught that passing means they are intelligent. As a result, they feel stupid which greatly damages their self esteem, as once they are convinced they are not bright, they cease to make an effort to achieve passing grades. They feel they will never be enough and they do not even spend time trying to get better as they have no confidence on themselves. Lack of confidence leads to laziness and to a greater extent, to an unhappy life full of worries and self-doubts.

All in all, the unfair evaluation of ability that examinations imply causes a decline in the self esteem of many children. School authorities should treat childrens self esteem with tenderness and delicacy, but examinations are not the correct answer to this, therefore evaluations should be abolished.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

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