Passive Voice Tutorial.

In the language class, our teacher Pilar asked us to look for a tutorial of passive voice including it’s uses, formulas(depending on each tense) and examples(of each tense too). She also asked us to write down some examples of passive voice guiding ourselves with the tutorials we have chosen.

P.s; you can see up until the minute 6:14, because then the tutorial explains other matters of passive voice we haven’t been asked to look for.


  • Present Simple; The lawn is mown by the gardener
  • Present Continuous; A building is being built by builders.
  • Present Perfect; The house has been decorated by a designer.
  • Past Simple; The window was broken by his brother.
  • Past Continuous; The broken lights were being fixed by the electrical technician.
  • Past Perfect; His salary had been paid by his boss.
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