Conversation between the big three, Treaty of Versailles.

In the history class, we have been reading about the big three, the Treaty of Versailles and the fourteen points. Then, Lenny asked us to make a conversation between Georges Clemenceau, David Lloyd George and Wodrow Wilson in which we should include what they thought their countries should get as a compensation for war, their point of view about the fourteen points and the type of punishment Germany should receive. After making this conversation, we had to record it in a Voicethread. We were also asked to put a slideshare with the process of the work we did and to put some personal comments about the project. I did this with Olivia Obligado, Facundo Vazquez Avila and Sofia Mele.

Here is the conversation for you to read it;

Here is the voicethread we recorded;

My personal comments of the project;

In my opinion, by doing this project, we have learnt more than if we had studied this from the book. I think that writing a conversation helped us to get deeper into each of the personalities of «The Big Three», and to understand better their aims and thoughts, and why they had them. In addition, when we recorded the dialogue, each of us had to speak for each president\prime minister, and by that we could think as they did, and become them. In conlusion, with this project I had a better understanding of the topic than if we would have studied form the book.

What I enjoyed the most of this project was writing the conversation, because as we were thinking of what each of the presidents thought, we could understand why they had their aims, why they disagreed over some issues, and why they felt as they did about the end of The Great War. I also liked that we had to search how did people express during that time, which was great because we could incorporate new vocabulary.

If I would have to change something of the project for the class of senior 1 next year to do it, I would change that instead of recording a voicethread, they could record a video in which each of the integrants of the group would wear suits from that time and make an apropiate setting where the conversation would take place. That may take longer to finish, but I think that this would help them to think about the atmosphere or tension between «The Big Three» during the conference, and in addition, it would be more fun.

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  1. Lenny dijo:

    Great post, Trini!

    Your conversation is long but covers every aspect required.

    Unfortunately, you chose a picture of the Big 3 in WW2! There’s a bit too much background noise in the recording and some bits are not so clear.

    Thanks for a very detailed and enriching final reflection. I’m glad you enjoyed the work.

    8 (Eight)

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